I have designed the Gua Sha program for you:

Natural lifting of facial tissues
Elimination of fibrosis - the main problem of aging
Reduced puffiness and accelerated metabolism
Getting rid of blackheads and acne, gentle exfoliation, renewal of the epidermis
Distinct detoxification, reduction of inflammation on the face
Nose, lips and jawline shaping


The results you will have:

⁃ Detoxification. The skin is cleansed of pimples, age spots and acne.

⁃ Normalization of lymph outflow. The double chin and puffiness disappear.

⁃ Activation of immune function. The foci of inflammation heal faster.

⁃ Regeneration. The skin is renewed, becomes velvety and radiant.

⁃ Stimulation of reflex points. Headaches go away, mood lifts, stress decreases.

⁃ Exfoliation. The activity of the sebaceous glands is normalized, the epidermis is renewed - the skin becomes clearer and softer.

⁃ Remodeling. The elasticity and firmness of the skin of the whole body is restored.

This is for you if you want to know how to quickly restore the beauty of the face and well-being step by step

Clean & young skin

My method for quick beautification

No swelling & fresh look

Shape nose & lips


Hello Mam It was my 1st day of 3rd part and trust me I can see the changes in myself

1. My collar bones are visible

2. I feel so relax.

3. My dark circles are getting

lighter..Thanks a lot for such amazing results mam...Can't wait to see more amazing results l❤️🙏🏽

Angela Lui
Join to marathon 22.02.2022

Yes im doing your marathon daily and i have got amazing results. My skin tone improved and jaw line is now more visible.Ive now got an improved sleep moreover I rarely get headaches now. Thank you so much Karina. Lots of love.😍

Melisa Denver
Join at 12.03.2022

Hi Karina! Wanted to thank you for this program, I had quite an issue with eyes underbags and nothing ever worked as your marathon! And overall my face just changed so much! I just finished the 21 days program and it will become my daily routine for sure! Lots of love❤️❤️❤️

Sarah Lewin
Join to marathon 16.05.2022

So after seeing the results I got so emotional, I cried like a baby because in a long time I could see something of my real face, the face that was always underneath the
mask. So thank you so so much for the love share, you teach us to learn how to love ourselves stronger. My best wishes to you for the new year coming.

Alisa Mur
Join to marathon 14.04.2022